New Commercial area at Keflavik International Airport

Isavia, the operator of Iceland’s main airport and transatlantic hub, Keflavik International, has commenced redevelopment of the air terminal air-side departures area. A pre-qualification process for operation of specialty retail and food & beverage outlets induced an ambitious review and expansion of services.

Keflavik International Airport is Iceland’s gateway serving most international traffic to the capital city of Reykjavik. The airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe with 16% – 20% annual growth since 2010.

With concession contracts expiring at the end of 2014 Isavia decided to open up the market and give interested parties a chance to bid for space. New contracts coincide with redevelopment of the departure hall and reassessment of the mix of services. Consulting and design services were provided by airport commercial consultant, Concession Planning International and Portland Design Associates.

Numerous ambitious proposals were received from current operators and new entries. Six retail outlets and one F&B outlet were selected to continue operation while new operators were added for one retail outlet and four F&B outlets. The changes will result a considerably larger range of products and services. New F&B operators include Joe and the Juice sandwich and juice bar, a delicatessen operated by NQ (Nord) and Lagardère Services. Lagardére Services will also operate an Icelandic themed over the counter restaurant, a free-flow self-service, a Segafredo coffee shop and an Iceland-themed bar. Airport Retail Group will introduce a new shop with international brand name fashion clothing and Icelandic design.

The new Commercial Area at Keflavik Airport will be completed by May 2015.

Theme: Enchanting Iceland

As described by Portland´s designer team that led the artwork for the area, “Iceland is the antidote to an overly defined world. Everywhere you go, nature is ordered, routine prevails and thoughts are rationalized. Yet Iceland is an island and people that will never succumb to this taming. This is truly enchanting.”

The company´s aim was to combine many facets of this rugged and quirky enchantment to create a dramatic, contrasting and richly immersive environment that inspires retailers and operators, and ultimately, complements the downtown Reykjavik experience.

The main goal is for Keflavik airport to be a state-of-the-art environment, rigorously designed, with a surprisingly and delighting sense of magic woven in. The harder you look, the more the space in the departure lounge will reward you. Much like Iceland itself.

The selection and integration of materials into the departure lounge environment is highly dynamic and varied. Into the rich tapestry of natural textures and colors will also be mix references to the unique character of the people and quirks of the culture.

The majority of these elements, both natural and craft-made, will be locally sourced. In this way the environment and culture is brought into the departure lounge and support for the local economy ensured.


Mix of different local materials with hidden Icelandic elements 

Mix of natural and craft-made materials in store fronts

Tengdar fréttir